Interpreting & Consecutive Interpretation – Y. P. Cheng (鄭仰平)

Y.P. Cheng (鄭仰平), formerly Chief Conference Interpreter of Chinese Language Division with the Hong Kong government, is one of the Interpreters/translators that I admire the most, and I am looking forward to pick up a copy of his 《不在香港的日子》.

For the English readers, here are two book chapters (in English) by Y.P, “Consecutive Interpretation: How to Use Your Symbols Intelligently” by Y.P. from Google Books (pg 11-17) and “Interpreting by Y. P. Cheng (pg 464-471)“. And an interesting article from the HK government website.

For Chinese readers, check out this blog entry “鄭仰平 Y. P. Cheng《不在香港的日子》” for two Chinese newspaper articles about Y.P.

One Response to Interpreting & Consecutive Interpretation – Y. P. Cheng (鄭仰平)

  1. Pierre Wong says:

    I worked with YP in the late 90s before his retirement, and would like to say he set the standard for professional behaviour.

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