TiVo CEO Tom Rogers interview @ Banff World TV Festival 2010

Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo

It was my pleasure to interview TiVo CEO Tom Rogers when he was at the 2010 Banff World TV Festival.

In the interview, Tom and I talked about TiVo’s relationship with the advertising industry and television networks. When people are fast-forwarding commercials using technologies like DVR, television “needs to find different forms of inventory that involve different technologies as a way to present that [advertising] so that the advertising is compelling”. Tom gave the example of TiVo’s ability to pause live TV, so viewers can search and find any products appearing in a TV show (a sweater worn by an actress, a golf club used by an athlete, or any products on screen at the moment) and then turn the thought into an actionable transaction where the viewer can buy the product. TiVo is putting a lot of meta data into the TV content and movie content and in doing so, create a lot of “transaction opportunities”.

I also asked Tom When will TiVo come to Canada? And will the data collected by TiVo be transferable to Canada and other countries.

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers interview @ Banff World TV Festival 2010

Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo

Tom Rogers (r), CEO of TiVo

Here is Tom’s Banff bio.

Tom Rogers is President and Chief Executive Officer of TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO), the creator of and a leader in television services for digital video recorders (DVRs). With a career that operates at the nexus of where media, technology, advertising and public policy come together for more than two decades, Tom brings to TiVo a distinctive blend of operational leadership and corporate strategy experience across multiple facets of the industry. With vast experience in running traditional media and new media companies, and in creating innovative business models for companies facing new challenges, Tom is poised to help TiVo continue to revolutionize the way consumers watch and access home entertainment. Previously, Tom was Chairman and CEO of PRIMEDIA, Inc. (NYSE: PRM), which then was the leading targeted media company in the United States. PRIMEDIA published some 200 magazines, operated more than 400 websites, and owned a wide range of television and video businesses. Prior to joining PRIMEDIA, Tom was President of NBC Cable and Executive Vice President of NBC, as well as NBC’s chief strategist. Among his many accomplishments, Tom founded CNBC, the nation’s leading business news channel and established the NBC/Microsoft cable channel and Internet joint venture, MSNBC. In addition, he served as co-chairman of the Arts and Entertainment and History Channels, and was responsible for overseeing many other cable channels including Court TV, Bravo, American Movie Classics, Independent Film Channel, the National Geographic Channel, and numerous regional sports channels. Prior to NBC, Tom was Senior Counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Telecommunications, Consumer Protection and Finance Subcommittee, where he was responsible for drafting a number of communications laws, including the Cable Act of 1984, as well as overseeing the FCC. Tom began his career as an attorney with a Wall Street law firm. Tom also served recently as the Senior Operating Executive for media and entertainment for Cerberus Capital Management, a large private equity firm, and as Chairman of the Board of Teleglobe (NASDAQ: TLGB), a leading international telecommunications, voice-over-internet, and mobile telephony provider. He currently also serves as Chairman of TRget Media, LLC, a media investment and operations advisory firm.


Here is Banff description of the session.

In Conversation with Tom Rogers, President & CEO, TiVO

The biggest trends in television today are toward increased audience control – how will your company navigate the medium as time-shifting, pause, rewind and fast forward become standard options?

TiVo has changed the television industry, introducing the digital video recorder (DVR) into homes worldwide, and kicking off a shift in viewer behaviour that has rippled through every aspect of the home entertainment experience. President and CEO Tom Rogers, with a career spent navigating the intersection of media, technology, advertising and public policy, is helping TiVo continue to revolutionize how consumers watch and access television.

Learn from the man at the helm of the company that has changed the way people watch TV, at BANFF 2010

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