NextMedia & Banff World TV Festival 2010 – Day 1 & 2

Tony (WIND Mobile) & Konrad (CRTC)Ricky Gervais & me

The 2010 NextMedia & Banff World TV Festival (combined into one event this year) is turning out to one of my most favourite Banffs possibly because I made a few changes this year. In each of my previous Banffs (starting with my first one in 2006, attending as a CTV Fellow), I tried to pack and do as much as I can every minute which exhausted me completely.

So I decided for my coverage this year, I am no longer going to kill myself to try to write & post as much as I can during the festival (I tweeted a little but not that much). What I decided to do instead is to attend as many interesting sessions as possible, meet and interview some cool & insightful people and share these experiences with you in articles and video clips or video interviews later.

So stay tune for my upcoming blog entries (tagged with bwtvf2010).

The following is not an exhaustive list but only a few that came to my mind,

– the CRTC Chairman Konrad Von Finckenstein speech and an introduction by WIND Mobile Chairman Tony Lacavera (see my previous phone interview with Tony after the gov of Canada overturned the CRTC decision in Dec, 2009). [Tony wasn’t able to do a face to face interview at Banff because he had a plane to catch but he has agreed to another phone interview.]

– an interview with Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo

– an interview with Dick De Rijk, Creator of the worldwide popular game show Deal or No Deal

– an interview with comedian Ricky Gervais (this entry may take longer as I want to include materials and quote from an hour long sit-down interview that Ricky did with an interviewer at one of the session)

– the story of how the Dragons’ Den show format finally manage to break out of Japan and become an international success starting with UK BBC.

– Well, it is getting late and 11:07pm already. I better stop now and get some rest for tomorrow’s reporting (I am hopping to be able to leave before 6pm, will see).

Incidentally, a few reporting colleagues covering Banff have asked me, what do I plan to cover in Banff? Well, I guess for each Banff, there are usually a few people/topics I want to write about, but the rest I just cover topics that are interesting and insightful to me and I hope you (my readers) will find them interesting too.

Here are some photos I’ve taken at Banff2010, enjoy.

*** P.S. ***

2010 Banff World TV Festival articles by reporting colleagues from other media outlet:

– Canadian TV ‘crap’: Alberta culture minister [Lindsay Blackett] (CBC, with audio)

– Comments on Canadian TV get Alberta minister in trouble – ‘Why do we make such shit here?’ Blackett asked Banff festival (Edmonton Journal)

2 Responses to NextMedia & Banff World TV Festival 2010 – Day 1 & 2

  1. haricot says:

    I am glad you are enjoying the event !! I saw your Flickr photos but do not recognize many of the faces except that of Ricky Gervais. I have one DVD set of The (UK) Office.

  2. kempton says:

    Hi Haricot,

    I will put more captions on the Flickr photos, I am pretty sure you will recognize at least one (or more) of the names.

    If you like The UK Office, have you seen The Extras, it is another great series, highly recommended.

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