69 Days

My blog friend Mike Dillon started his cross United States bike ride in Feb 2010. And on Day 69, he was home to see his families and loved ones. Here are a few additional thoughts about his trip and the numbers.

Quoting Mike [emphasis added],

When I decided to make this journey and began speaking about it with friends and family, I encountered what a former manager used to refer to as “The Wall of No”. Almost everyone had an objection or reason why I shouldn’t do it: “What if you get robbed?”, “What if you have an accident?”, “Are you in shape to do this?”, “You might get lost.”, “Your bike could break.”, ” Shouldn’t you go with someone else just to be safe?” is just a sampling of what I encountered.

None of these things occurred or came close to happening. Instead, almost every encounter was positive. From Lori, the waitress I met in Jacksonville to Erwin, a fellow traveler from Holland and the dozens of others that I never wrote about, people were overwhelming friendly, supportive and helpful.

In life, there are many things that can seem impossible, “just too difficult”, or take too much work to accomplish. But I bet if you want it bad enough, many of these seemingly “impossible” tasks are actually achievable and are within our reach.

I am really happy for Mike in finishing his bike ride and back home safely with his loved ones. At the same time, I am thinking what should be my own “cross-country bike ride”? May be it is time to get into action to put a few of my projects in action. Will see.

4 Responses to 69 Days

  1. >> …. What should be my own “cross-country bike ride”?

    For me: Finishing at least one running marathon a year (I said finishing, w/o specifying a time, haha!!) for as long as I can do it.

    Currently I am doing two a year and have approx a dozen under my belt.

  2. kempton says:

    Running marathon (regardless of time) is a great achievement. I would love to run one, one day. But I know I have to do a lot of training and get really fit.

    Years ago, me and my better half actually followed a pretty good plan to train and ran a 5km. It was fun. May be I should do a 5k and then 10k.

    Ah, this is probably just talking and no action.

  3. Start slow, aim low. You have the whole summer to train :)

  4. kempton says:

    Thanks for the encouragement.

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