Iron Man 2 (How to save yourself $12.50 and 2+ hours?)

May 7th, 2010 8:00pm update: How to save yourself $12.50 and 2+ hours? Well, after spending $12.50 (actually x 2, so $25) and 2+ hours watching the film, it was a total waste of time and Iron Man 2 was a total disappointment compare to Iron Man.

Avoid if you can and save yourself the money and time.



Trailer 2

Fan created remix. The director liked it enough to give him a paid job to make the next one.

Fan created remix for TV

From WaPo “Talking with Jon Favreau, director of ‘Iron Man 2′”,

Jen Chaney: I know you had seen a remix of an “Iron Man 2” trailerthat one fan did online, and that you actually sort of helped him get hired by Paramount, which is very cool.

Jon Favreau: Here’s what happened. A lot of people said, Hey, check this guy’s thing out. And I looked, and it it was on YouTube. He had taken the trailer and used that and actually made it like what a DJ would do with the music tracks, he did with the video tracks and added music to it. And it was great.

We’re trying to come up with [marketing] ideas for different ways to present the film, I said, Look, here’s a different take on this that I haven’t seen before. Like, this looks so much cooler than what we’re talking about doing. And then, you know, we discussed the feasibility of a reaching out to a guy like that. And because of Twitter, I was able to locate him through the internet. Paramount Marketing reached out to him. They made some sort of a deal. We went back and forth a little bit and he came up with a fantastic piece that we’re actually now going to put on television.

It’s one of those things where the talent rises to the top, it’s something that’s going to be very hopefully cool and helpful for the campaign. Something I certainly like and would like our movie to be associated with and something that could be a career changer for this guy. This is a unique moment.

Jen Chaney: Since you saw the remix trailer clip, I don’t know if you also saw the clip that’s been circulating online with Iron Man punching Hugh Grant. Have you seen that?

Jon Favreau: Oh, yeah. That’s part of a series.

Jen Chaney: That’s right.

Jon Favreau: There’s that one. There’s the one from “Dirty Dancing.” Which is funny because, I’ve got to show it to Clark — Clark Gregg, who plays Coulson in the movie, is actually married to Jennifer Grey so I’m going to have to show it to him.

There’s one of “Titanic,” where he’s sketching her nude and it’s actually Iron Man splayed on the couch. And there’s also the “When Harry Met Sally…” scene

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