Canadian DMCA Bill Within Six Weeks?

If Prof. Michael Geist is right in “PMO Issues The Order: Canadian DMCA Bill Within Six Weeks“, then this is very troubling development as it means the Harper government has not listened to Canadians’ concerns and the months of consultations across Canada were just for show.

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  1. Haricot says:


    A while back, I was involved with the IP file but it had more to do with science and technology. I am neither familiar with nor qualified to comment on the DMCA bill.

    Here in Canada (as opposed to US, Greece, UK, France, China, etc), when a govt makes an unpopular decision, concerned citizens may voice and demonstrate their dismay, take non-violent actions within the limits of the laws, and if everything fails, try to vote the ruling politicians / parties out in the next election.

    Meanwhile, we all must ensure that the power of the government’s executive, judicial and legislative branches are separate and in balance and that Parliament will continue to serve Canadians the kind of democracy we so treasure.

  2. kempton says:

    Hi Haricot,

    The government in the last parliament had proposed Bill C-61 and was a total disaster. It died when the last election was called.

    Anyway, I’ve tagged a bunch of my entries with the FairCopyright tag.

    P.S. Your last paragraph reads like a government pronouncement. :) I said and meant this in the nicest way. :)

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