Lexus/Toyota: removed from “Admired Company” list

After previously putting Lexus/Toyota on the watch list for possible downgrade, today, with some reluctance, I’ve eliminated Lexus/Toyota from my personal list of “Admired Companies” and Lovemark: Sample news – “CBC News – Toyota halts sales of Lexus SUV – Rollover hazard attributed to deficient stability control” and “BBC – Toyota suspends sales of Lexus GX 460 worldwide.

July 5, 2010 update: Toyota starts Lexus recall in Japan

July 3, 2010 update: Toyota Announces Recall of 270,000 Vehicles

From CNNMoney “Toyota: New Lexus recall“, “In a recent J.D. Power survey of initial quality, Toyota slipped to 21st place from 6th place last year.”

April 16, 2010 update: Toyota to recall 600,000 Sienna minivans


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