Lexus/Toyota: Being Loved again?

If sales is a good indication “Toyota’s Canadian March sales up 24%“, then there don’t seem to be much love lost from Toyota’s recent troubles.


4 Responses to Lexus/Toyota: Being Loved again?

  1. bakingmaniac says:

    Well, but in long term, unless they agree to install smart break like the others otherwise still their market share would be sliced after recent scandal. I do expect the State would soon legislated the Act for installing smart break sooner or latter.

  2. kempton says:

    Interesting comment. I suspect the test is what will happen to the sales once Toyota stops all the extra sales incentive.

    But here is a question for you and others:
    I don’t think the sales incentive will work so well if the company was Ford and the problem was as bad as

  3. bakingmaniac says:

    Ya, because the strategic product of Toyota is the hybrid car. Now even this model happened to be flaw and needa “Recycle”, re-branding would be a really tough job. Anyway, the recent scandal is indeed a severe blow to Toyota.

  4. kempton says:

    I used to think it was a much more “severe blow” to Toyota, but I am less sure now. Will see what is the long term impact for Toyota.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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