Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics coming to an end

March 1 Update: CBC News “Vancouver cleans up from Olympic party

Feb 28, 2010 Update: More info re 2010 Winter Olympics closing ceremony. Toronto Star, “Rapture on Yonge St. as fans celebrate hockey gold“. A nice “summary video” by Stephen Brunt of Globe and Mail (beautifully done).


It is with some sadness that I see Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics coming to an end with the Closing ceremony starting in minutes. I have tagged a few entries with 2010 Olympics and I won’t repeat what I wrote previously (the good and the bad).

What I want to add is the sense of Canadians realizing whathas long been with us: When we put our HEART AND MINDS to it , we can do anything! (as a reader wrote in a comment)

As I believe and wrote in 2008,

“[…] we may not have the power of military might (like the U.S.) or power of money and foreign reserves (like China) but our encompassing diverse Canadian society gives us the power to understand, to mediate and most important of all, to appreciate others who are different from us. Our understanding and appreciation of others make us strong and vibrant while these skills also make us valuable in international trade and other business or non-business endeavours.”

Canadians have a unique and powerful role in the world and it is up to us to be the best that we can be.

I am so proud to be a Canadian!

█ ♥ █ GO CANADA GO █ ♥ █

2 Responses to Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics coming to an end

  1. Maxine says:

    It’s so sad for me too to know that the Winter Olympics will end soon. I’ve been enjoying it with all the great games and matches. Can’t wait for the next Olympics!

  2. kempton says:

    Looking forward to 2012 and then 2014.

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