Lexus/Toyota: Admired Company?

I have created an “Admired Company” list for years. Today, I’ve decided to put Lexus on the “watch list” pending further research and review.

Over the years, I have only added to the list of “Admired Companies” and have never put a brand/Lovemark under review.

Sadly Lexus is the first.

(news references: CNN: “Toyota: Saved $100 million dodging recall”BBC: “Toyota admits it took ‘too long’ on safety recalls”)


2 Responses to Lexus/Toyota: Admired Company?

  1. […] P.S. As an aside, Lexus and Toyota are in serious problems right now. But the idea behind “The Pursuit of Perfection” remains the same. Here is an ad in better time. By the way, for someone who has never driven or own a Lexus, I’ve talked a lot about Lexus for years. […]

  2. […] Lexus/Toyota: Being Loved again? If sales is a good indication “Toyota’s Canadian March sales up 24%“, then there don’t seem to be much love lost from Toyota’s recent troubles. […]

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