Terence Tao (陶哲軒) – Fields Medalist

Don’t ask me why but I find it fun to follow advanced mathematics and computer researches (almost and very often beyond my limit of understanding). I find some enjoyment in learning about some of these advanced stuff.

Anyway, the following is an old-ish 2007 UCLA presentation “Structure and Randomness in the Prime Numbers” by Terence Tao (Fields Medalist) was interesting to watch. In particular, starting at time code 38:05, Terence started to talk about Green-Tao Theorem (2004).

I actually laughed quite hard, in a good way, at the 42:22 point, when Terence mentioned the guaranteed upper bound of 2**2**2**2**2**2**2**100k. Establishing an upper bound beats infinity. :)

You can download and read his latest blog book “An epsilon of room: pages from year three of a mathematical blog” (PDF). And I’ve subscribed to Terry’s blog to read more about his “research and expository papers, discussion of open problems, and other maths-related topics”.

The video “Math Prodigy Terence Tao” is a lot of fun to watch, even, lets be honest, it looks and smells like is an UCLA Math department informercial. :)

P.S. With a bit of research, I just realized that I wrote about another Fields Medalist Grigori Perelman in 2006 in the blog entry “Will he take that million dollars?”. Yes, I guess I pay attention to advanced mathematics. :)

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  1. “I find it fun to follow advanced mathematics and computer researches almost and often beyond my limit of understanding”

    So do I.

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