Cam Christiansen interview (Calgary-based multiple awards winning animator)

Cam Christiansen

Cam Christiansen is a really talented Calgary-based animator that I’ve the pleasure to know for a few years. (See my latest interview with Cam at the bottom of this post.)

If you haven’t heard of Cam, his 2009 short film “5HOLE Tales of Hockey Erotica” was selected as one of Top 10 Canadian short films in 2009.

Cam’s 2008 short film The Real Place, a poetic short film commissioned by NFB about the life of John Murrell in celebration of John’s 2008 Governor’s Performing Arts Award, won Cam 6 Rosie,

The Real Place, an animated NFB short taking audiences into the vivid imagination of playwright John Murrell, was the single most awarded production at the 35th annual celebration of Alberta’s film and television industry, hosted by AMPIA (Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association).

Created in honour of Murrell’s lifetime achievement award from the Governor General, and populated by characters from his plays, this highly original offering took home six Rosie Awards — including honours for its narrator (Murrell himself), its musical score (Dewi Wood), its screenplay (Blake Brooker), its direction and its animation (Cam Christiansen).

You can watch some sample clips of “The Real Place” here, and hear my audio interview with Cam when his film was screened at the 2008 Calgary International Film Festival.

Cam’s 2007 short film “I have seen the future” won best Alberta short film and it was widely screened in international film festivals including the likes of Toronto Film Festival and Sundance.

The following two YouTube videos are my latest interview with Cam about his up and coming animation “My Misspent Youth” based on an essay of the same name by Meghan Daum. Read and learn more of Cam’s process in making “My Misspent Youth” here in this post by him.

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