Nellie’s in the Loop (independent but problems of its own)

The store general manager Mr. Kirk Watson of Nellie’s in the Loop left a comment to the report “Calgary’s Nellie’s fined $61,780 – Easy online tool to check restaurant’s health code violations“,

i’m sorry but please note that there is a independent nellies in marda loop. This location is privately owned and operated and has never had a violation of any kind. We have worked really hard to keep it that way. Now we have to pay the price for another persons mistake.

Kirk clarified that the Nellie’s in Marda Loop has been independently owned and operated by Mr. Al Scurfield for the last eight years since purchasing the store from Nellie’s chain.

Before calling Nellie’s in the Loop, this reporter took time to use the online Calgary and Area Environmental Health Inspection Reports tool and to my surprise, I found some serious violations (in this reporter’s eyes) by Nellie’s in the Loop. You can see and judge for yourself.


Nov 12, 2009 Follow-Up/Re-Inspection

Critical: Yes
Date: Nov 12, 2009
Violation: VERMIN (EVIDENCE ON SITE) – Vermin have been allowed to enter this food establishment.
Rationale/Requirement: The owner of a food establishment shall not allow cockroaches, silverfish, rodents or other vermin to enter or remain in his food establishment.

[note: Nellie’s in the Loop explained that there were 5 flies during the inspection. Of course, this leads to the question of why those 5 flies were there in the winter?]

Jan 10, 2008 Monitoring/Routine

Critical: Yes
Date: Jan 10, 2008
Violation: CONTAMINATION GENERAL – Food in this food establishment is not being protected from contamination.
Rationale/Requirement: No owner of a food establishment shall display, keep, store, or transport food unless it is protected from contamination.
Cleared: Feb 14, 2008


A popular restaurant can make a lot of money. And breakfast is one of the easiest money maker because of its relative low food cost and the breakfast items being relatively easy to prepare. So there is just no reason why the Nellie’s in the Loop and Calgary’s Nellie’s can’t do a better job of serving customers good and clean food in a clean environment.


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