decision (part 1)

I blogged yesterday “Google attacked and likely to exit China” and “Flowers for“. I will try to write some more when I can find some quiet time to write. In the mean time, Jeff Jarvis has an insightful post “What Google should do” on this decision. It is a great read. Here is one excerpt (with emphasis added),

I know some will say that Google wasn’t doing that well in China anyway (it controls 31% of the market); they’ll ascribe cynical motives. But I say: Name one other company that finally said “enough!” and put ethic, morals, and company standards over its lust for the Chinese market. Not Yahoo. Not Cisco. Not Nokia. Not Siemens. Not The New York Times Company. Google has.

Have a read of the Atlantic writer James Fallows’ article “The Google news: China enters its Bush-Cheney era” for some insightful analysis and discussions. After reading Jeff’s articles, I don’t know if The Economist’s “Google errs – Google’s plan to withdraw from China may be as much about poor business prospects as ethics” has much leg room to stand on. See also BBC “Chinese surprise at Google pull-out threat” (note: I am not surprised at Baidu’s responses which, in cases like this, I see as another mouthpiece for the Chinese government. Think, what can a Chinese company do? Even Google has to be clear that its Chinese employees are NOT involved in this decision!!!).

And I plan to watch Jeff’s Apr 2009 talk (YouTube) at Google’s offices in Washington later when I find some time.

Again, I will try to share more of my thoughts when I can find some quiet time to write.

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