The 26 Steps: People Power Rises in Hong Kong (and lessons for Canadians re prorogation of Parliament)

I’ve read and am reflecting on my friend Daisann’s insightful report, “The 26 Steps: People Power Rises in Hong Kong“. Although the issues are widely different, I think there are lessons and strategies applicable to Canadians’ anit-prorogation rally across Canada and in Calgary.

Here is a brief excerpt from “The 26 Steps“,

“These students marched around and around the Legislative Council building for hours. It was the most moving part of this multi-dimensional demonstration. Slowly and deliberately, like monks in Vipassana meditation, they made their way forward to the beat of a loud drum. Every 26 steps they halted in unison, and fell prostrate to the ground in silence.

Why 26 steps? Because the 67 billion dollar railway link to China’s high-speed railway network that the Hong Kong government wants to, um, railroad through the legislature would extend exactly 26 kilometers. That’s 2.57 billion taxpayer dollars per kilometer. At a time when the wealth gap between rich and poor in Hong Kong is one of the greatest in the world, the government wants to build a project that would cost the equivalent of taking 10,000 from the pockets of each Hong Kong citizen.”

[…] And they know this: when democracy fails […] you have to take matters into your own hands.

P.S. It is ironical that even the farcically elected chief executive of Hong Kong dare NOT to shutdown the legislature (nor such power exist for him to do so).

It is funny in Canada, our Prime Minister is such a chess master that he felt he could simply outmaneuver Canadians (twice), shutdown democracy, and we won’t care nor do anything to challenge him. For the sake of Canada, I hope Prime Minister Harper is wrong.

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