Lucas Martell interview (“Pigeon: Impossible” Writer/Director/Producer/Animator)

The following is an interview with the really cool Lucas Martell, Writer/Director/Producer/Animator of “Pigeon: Impossible” (viewed 2.8 million times so far since Nov 2009)”. Lucas and I chatted about many things including how the story got fine tuned and tweaked over the four years he made the film. And Lucas’ experience in making “Pigeon: Impossible”, which amazingly is his first CG (computer graphics) animation short. Lucas also created a blog and podcast (also viewable from Lucas’ Youtube channel) to share his experiences in making CG animation using home PCs.

Note: the video for “Pigeon: Impossible” is included at the end of this article.

Here is the film Pigeon: Impossible again. Enjoy.

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