WIND Mobile launch review & details (More details on Plans, Handsets, Prices. – Simple Plans: Chat $15, Always Talk $35, Always Shout $45/mo)

Apr 5, 2010 Update: I’ve now joined WIND since March 2010. Here is my WIND Mobile Calgary service review & Interview with WIND CEO Ken Campbell.

Dec 18, 2009 Update: WIND Mobile Calgary Launch (interviews with CEO Ken Campbell, CCO Chris Robbins)


Last update Dec 17, 1:15am MST:WIND stirs up competition” from FP, “New cellphone carrier Wind Mobile to sell handsets at cost” from Vancouver Sun.

8:00pm: The pricing plans announced today filled some info not disclosed in my phone interview with Globalive/WIND Mobile Chairman Tony Lacavera phone interview this past Sunday.

2:02pm MST: Insightful article by Torstar’s Olive, “Incumbents blow hot air over Wind“. [HT Michael Geist]

A nice price plan comparison in two scenarios by Globe and Mail.

WIND Mobile/Bell/Rogers/Telus Price plan comparison on BlackBerry Bold 9700 - pix 1

WIND Mobile/Bell/Rogers/Telus Price plan comparison on BlackBerry Bold 9700 - pix 2

11:28am MST: The WIND Mobile Shop is up and running now! Going to check out the plans and look at the “fine print” now.

Note: As I am getting close to the end of my 3-year contract with Bell Mobility, I am going to seriously review the different plans and options. It will also be fun to see how Bell/Telus/Rogers reacts to the WIND pricing plans. I bet we will see the reaction from the big 3 very soon or their Christmas sales are going to be down the toilet!

11:16 MST: News about the WIND Mobile launch and pricing plans from CBC, Toronto Star, Bloomberg.

The WIND Mobile Shop is back up and running! Going to check out the plan details and the “fine print” now. :)

The voice and add on plans are competitive especially on the lowest price plans.

Voice: The most impact may be at the lowest price point. As I am near the end of my own 3-year contract with Bell, I will be getting a much better deal with the “Always Talk” plan. And if nothing else, the old providers will have to rethink their contract term that locks customers in.

Add on: The $10/month for Social BlackBerry is designed as an “impulse buy”. Many teens will easily say, “Why not?”

Data Plan for computer: $55/month. After exceeding 5GB/month, “may slow your speed”. How slow is unclear and can be better defined.

10:28 MST: Thanks Aileen for posting the Plans, Handsets, and Prices! This is what I call listening to your customers! Here are the Price details. I talk a bit about them next. By the way, here is a list of their features,

What we do have:

  • Nation-wide coverage with a domestic roaming partner
  • Unlimited calling (incoming and outgoing) in the GTA and Calgary to start, followed by Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa in early 2010
  • Unlimited WIND to WIND calling across Canada included on all plans
  • Unlimited province-wide calling on the $35 plan
  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling on the $45 plan
  • Call control included on all plans (missed call alerts, caller ID, call forward, call waiting)”

Note: Making mistakes is human (or Canadian Telecom). It is how one response to it that tells the difference between Bell/Telus/Rogers and WIND Mobile (keep listening to customers. If you do the right thing, you will do well).

9:56 MST: OK, The WIND Mobile pricing page is experiencing “technical difficulty” (read: crashing) so users can’t check the pricing details and fine print (kinda important) yet. But it is still nice to see WIND live! Congrats!

(Note to WIND: The technical challenge of handling a mad rush to access a website is nothing new. Imagine the 2010 Olympics website “surprised” by overwhelming interest! I expected much better WIND planning on this. The technical team’s performance is a bit disappointing.)

9:36 MST:

* Oops! The Voice & Text pricing plans page is NOT uploading (aka crashing). Bad thing to happen on launch hour/launch day! Hey WIND, having a reliable and running pricing plans page is NOT rocket science (running a mobile phone network may be)! I know you are under lots of pressure but … Ah.

* Hmmm, you mean WIND is not live in Calgary yet?! “By City” search doesn’t have Calgary! (update: Calgary is slated to open this Friday (Dec 18th)!)

* From the Q&A section.

– Like this.

“Q: […] Why doesn’t WIND have free phones like all the other guys?
A: The WIND Community told us you’d rather BE free than have free phones. At WIND, you own your phone so you can come and go as you please, no contracts to lock you in.

– Don’t like this.

“Q: Will WIND lock the phones they sell?
A: Yes, WIND phones are designed to be exclusive to WIND for now.” [K: Why? And will they change this soon?]

9:01 MST: WIND Mobile is live (finally)! Here is a pix of their first customer (sideway :) .

7:51am MSTWIND Mobile is ready to launch its online store where we can find out more about the handsets and pricing plans, etc.

WIND Mobile is here!WIND Mobile is here!

6 Responses to WIND Mobile launch review & details (More details on Plans, Handsets, Prices. – Simple Plans: Chat $15, Always Talk $35, Always Shout $45/mo)

  1. hevangel says:

    It’s still more expensive than the $17 Fido plan.
    I am waiting for a sweet spot between $15 plan and $35 plan. $25 unlimited evening and weekend + some day time minutes.

    • kempton says:

      I guess it very much depends on your usage pattern. I will be doing some serious comparison in the next while before I contract expire. So far I think WIND is very willing to listen.

      For me, I am sick of Bell’s poor customer service and inability to provide good and stable call quality. I called them repeatedly for the same problem. The problem has not been fixed. And their tech team never call back.

  2. Zohaib says:

    Roger is charging me $70 a month and i am still not getting unlimited calls. But I think Wind will do good because they are giving their plans out for very cheap like $45.00 includes everything like unlimited outgoing and unlimited incoming as well also unlimited text all in $45.00 not bad no system access fee or anything. I will switch to wind very soon from rogers.

  3. IntrigueMe says:

    I think they’ve started a good thing here but I’ve noticed when comparing plans they either have high plans or low plans. There’s no middle ground for someone like me, so I either don’t get what I need or I get what I need plus a bunch I don’t- and the cost ends up being higher than telus. This is no good- I was really wanting to leave Telus.

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