Globalive decision Tony Lacavera Tony Clement on BNN

After the government of Canada ground breaking (but part-expected) decision of letting Globalive to launch WIND Mobile in Canada, Globalive CEO Tony Lacavera, Industry Minister Tony Clement, and other experts appeared on BNN.

Here is a link to my interview with Tony Lacavera (include mp3 audio) last year. I’ve requested an interview with Tony through the company’s media relations contacts.

Dec 12 Update: The nice people from WIND Mobile’s PR firm have gotten back to me today. I hope to talk to Tony coming Monday. Will see. I will post my interview afterwards. Stay tune.

Dec 13 Update: Good news. Did an interview with Tony this afternoon. And after spending a few hours cleaning up the audio mp3 and writing the blog entry, I’ve finally finished the article and audio and you can read and listen to the interview here.

Dec 17 Update: New blog entry, “WIND Mobile launch review & details (More details on Plans, Handsets, Prices. – Simple Plans: Chat $15, Always Talk $35, Always Shout $45/mo)


2 Responses to Globalive decision Tony Lacavera Tony Clement on BNN

  1. simon says:


    Looking forward to seeing your new interview. Hope that Canada shall share with China on making more practical contribution on the same direction.


  2. kempton says:

    Thanks for your interest Simon. China’s telecom market is a strange case as all the telecom companies are ultimately own by the Chinese government.

    I don’t follow the Chinese wireless industry closely but the Chinese government seems to be willing to introduce (or create) competition, for example having China Unicom competing with China Mobile.

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