A Celebration of the Research of Ronald Coase

Markets, Firms and Property Rights: A Celebration of the Research of Ronald Coase (Dec 4-5, 2009)

I am not a professional economist but I love to read and learn. Here are four of the Coase Conference papers that I’ve started to scan.

  1. Harold Demsetz, R.H. Coase and the Neoclassical Model of the Economic System
  2. Thomas W. Hazlett, David Porter, Vernon Smith, Radio Spectrum and the Disruptive Clarity of Ronald Coase
  3. Richard A. Posner, Keynes and Coase
  4. Zhimin Liao, Xiaofang Chen, Why the Entry Regulation of the China Mobile Phone Manufacturing Industry Collapsed:The Impact of Technological Innovation on Institutional Transformation.

See a longer list of downloadable conference papers here.

Here is an excerpt of a presentation by Prof. Ronald Coase “Use prices to determine radio frequency spectrum use” given in 2003.


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