Kryptonite bone glue helps open-heart surgery patients

Dr. Paul FedakDr. Kathryn King

I am happy to hear co-principal investigators Calgary cardiac surgeon Dr. Paul Fedak, MD PhD FRCSC and nurse researcher Dr. Kathryn King, RN PhD have found a way to help open heart surgery patients to recover better and faster using KryptoniteTM adhesive, a biocompatible polymer manufactured by the Connecticut-based Doctors Research Group.


Here is an excerpt from the official news release (PDF) (emphasis added),

““We can now heal the breastbone in hours instead of weeks after open-heart surgery. Patients can make a full recovery after surgery and get back to full physical activities in days instead of months,” reports Dr. Paul W.M. Fedak, MD PhD FRCSC, a cardiac surgeon at Foothills Medical Centre and scientist at the Faculty of Medicine who pioneered the new procedure.

Over 20 patients have received the new technique in Calgary as part of a pilot study. Fedak and Kathryn King, RN PhD are the co-principal investigators on the study. King, a cardiovascular nurse scientist, is an expert in post-operative recovery after open-heart surgery. “We know that recovery from sternotomy is a multi-faceted process that includes not only healing of the breastbone but the ability to return to normal activities,” she says. “Being able to resume normal activities is a hallmark of a good recovery; this surgical innovation should enable that.

[…] The encouraging results of this pilot study have prompted the Calgary researchers to establish a worldwide study to further investigate its benefits. The STICK Trial (STernal Innovative Closure with KryptoniteTM) aims to apply the technique in over 500 patients across the globe over the next 12 – 24 months.

[…] KryptoniteTM is approved for use in Canada (Health Canada), USA (FDA), and Europe (CE Mark). This pilot study has been supported in part by Doctor’s Research Group Inc.”

I like to thank Dr. Fedak for sending along the product monograph and his Oct 29, 2009 presentation about Kryptonite (TM). After watching the 30 minutes presentation including Dr. Fedak’s research findings, I now have a deeper understanding of the benefits of Kryptonite to open-heart surgery patients in their healing process. I’ve posted some selected screen captures from the presentation here, here, and here.

The following are some related news plus a link to the patent application of the adhesive.

Note: Here is a link to the patent application “Methods of performing medical procedures which promote bone growth by Dr. Richard Deslauriers, CEO of Doctors Research Group Inc., and other co-inventors.

P.S. As a Calgarian and U of C alum (Haskayne MBA), I am exceedingly proud and excited of Dr. Fedak and Dr. King’s achievements.

[Thanks to this Libin Institute’s blog entry for the links of the official press release and Global TV news clip.]

10 Responses to Kryptonite bone glue helps open-heart surgery patients

  1. aswalli says:

    The official Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta web-site would be posting something on this soon – that’s the Institute that Drs. Fedak and King, co-lead investigators, are affiliated with. The web-site is at:

    The Institute blog already has some material, including the original press release. It is at:

    • kempton says:

      Great. Thanks for the info. I will check out the links and additional news entry.

      P.S. It is cool to see the institute has a blog! Thats what I recommend my clients do.

      Now, I can’t find the institute’s official blog linked in the site. It will be nice to see the blog advertised there too. And also making it truly official. Just my 2 cents.

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  3. Haricot says:

    Interesting – Kryptonite the “super” glue !!!

    So, Kempton, it goes without saying then that your K-ideas are as strong as the K metal from Krypton?


    • kempton says:

      Kryptonite is definitely an interesting name to pick for a bone glue/cement. :) Don’t know how Superman thinks about it. :)

      On a serious note, Kryptonite is completely non-toxic, and our bones can grow through it as time goes by. Truly wonderful stuff.

  4. aswalli says:

    There is a new article about this procedure on the second page of the latest Libin Life newsletter. Enjoy!:

    Click to access Libin_newsletter_2010-02.pdf

  5. kempton says:

    Thanks a lot aswalli for the article link. Do you know if Dr. King and Dr. Fedak’s peer-reviewed article has been published yet? I would love to have a copy and send to a friend (who is a doctor in Asian).


  6. Dave Elliott says:

    A friend of mine has requested to be glued after his bypass surgery. His surgeon says she does not use this meathod, I feel that’s a shame as I would have loved to be glued when I had my bypass. I can see how it would speed recovery and would greatly reduce the costs related. No person should be denied this opportunity.

  7. kempton says:


    To me, the Kryptonite bone glue is showing great promise but at the same time, it may take a while for surgeons to be comfortable in using it.

    I suppose it will also depend on the type of surgery as the doctors may want to go with the “easier” ones and be sure of the glue’s effects first before pushing the envelops.

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