Congrats Danielle Smith – Wildrose Alliance new leader

Danielle Smith wins Wildrose Alliance leadership

Looks like what I expected had come true. Now, I may not agree with many Wildrose Alliance ideas, I still want to congratulate Ms. Danielle Smith for winning the Wildrose Alliance leadership.  Here are more news from CTV Calgary (with video), Canadian Press, and Edmonton Sun. (From CP, “Of 8,297 votes cast, Smith took 6,295 to 1,905 for Dyrholm. There were 97 spoiled ballots.”)

If the rising of the Wildrose Alliance means the main stream political parties like the Progressive ConservativesLiberals, and NDPs are forced to listen more to their supporters and Albertans in general, then this may turn out to be a good thing in the long run.

Danielle, I want to congratulate you for being elected as Leader of Wildrose Alliance. I hope your voice will be good for Alberta. I mean it.

P.S. It should be noted that I still have an open and unresolved complaint with Elections Alberta re the Calgary-Glenmore by-election. But today, it is Danielle’s day. Congrats again Danielle.


3 Responses to Congrats Danielle Smith – Wildrose Alliance new leader

  1. Philip Uglow says:

    Thanks for the update Kempton,

    Great to hear Ms. Smith won!

  2. kempton says:

    No problem Phil. Alberta politics has been really “boring” for a long time (witness the low voters turnout). So it is nice to see Ms. Smith won.

  3. Outlaw73 says:

    Not to mention, wow, what a Fox! And smart and sharp, too .. What a relief from boring / un-foxy / dumb honest Ed *8)

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