Daisann McLane’s beautiful folk songs

Saw my friend Daisann McLane posted a few really cool and neat early 80s singer photos on her FB page and realized she sang then. Here is what a NY Times pop critic wrote in reviewing  Daisann‘s folk act in 1980, “Wryly appealing songs…she sings beautifully.” (read more)

I believe it is never too late to pursue our dreams. Good luck and have fun Daisann. My current favourite is Nothing Ventured (late night mix), have a listen.

About Daisann McLane

This is a space to share some songs I recently found at the bottom of my drawer, unopened for more than 20 years.

In 1981 I was singing around Greenwich Village, in places like the old Folk City and The Other End. I wrote my own strange songs, and some of them caught in unexpected places. My band included two amazing musicians, singer Joyce Leigh Bowden and guitarist John Scherman.

Around 1983 I got frustrated with the Folk City scene. I went to Trinidad, fell in love with the local music and decided to try being a calypso singer. I was hired in The Mighty Shadow’s Master’s Den Calypso tent for the 1984 Trini carnival season, and re-baptized as “Lady Complainer”. Two of these tracks are from that era. “Ah Cyar Take That” was written and produced in Trinidad by Eman Ector, the bass player of legendary soca band Charlie’s Roots (David Rudder’s band), and the terrific guys who played the tracks are from that band.

“Watch It”, written by me, was produced at the equally famous Charlie’s Studio on Fulton Street in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, by the amazing George Victory.

I never ended up doing this music thing for a living, but I feel so fortunate to have shared moments of magic with such gifted people. This site is a way of honoring them, and remembering those grand times. We surely lived in the spirit, and the spirit lasts forever. Big hugs to Steve Espinola and Cyril Ramkisson for helping move these old tapes and vinyl into the digital age.

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