Blogger payola – $11,000 FTC fine per post

From USA Today “FTC issues rules to end ‘blogger payola‘”,

Bloggers — particularly “mommy bloggers” — must now disclose freebies or money they receive to review products or risk an $11,000 fine per post, the Federal Trade Commission announced today. It’s the first attempt to regulate what’s known as “blogger payola.”

The rules take effect Dec. 1. Bloggers or advertisers also could face injunctions and be ordered to reimburse consumers for financial losses stemming from product reviews deemed inappropriate.

Here is Jeff Jarvis arguing against the new regulation, “FTC regulates our speech“.

This comment is so cute,

… the Smiley Face Act of 2015 will require that all satire be clearly labeled with either a “;)” or the phrase “modest proposal” somewhere in the relevant text. ;)


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