Extreme steel ‘Velcro’ (35-tonne load): Metaklett

Extreme steel 'Velcro' (35-tonne load): Metaklett

From New Scientist,

For all its usefulness, Velcro hardly inspires excitement. But German engineers have taken inspiration from the mild-mannered fastener to create a version of the hook-and-loop concept with enough steely strength for extreme loads and environments.

A square metre of the new fastener, called Metaklett, is capable of supporting 35 tonnes at temperatures up to 800 ºC, claim Josef Mair and colleagues at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. And just like everyday Velcro it can be opened up without specialised tools and used again.

For more see Metaklett’s website. (too bad I can’t seem to get things in English)

[via BMD Love Blog]

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