My Toxic Baby – Min Sook Lee Interview (2009 Toronto International Film Festival)

My Toxic Baby - Song JiMy Toxic Baby is a new documentary film by Min Sook Lee. One mother’s search for safe, sane and affordable ways to raise her child (Song Ji) in a toxic world. The film is having its world premiere at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival on Sept 11th. For more info see this TIFF page.

I had a very enjoyable phone interview (mp3) with Min Sook to talk about My Toxic Baby. In the interview, we talked about topics like diapers & EC (Elimination Communication, i.e. taking your babies to pee or poop instead of letting him/her do it in the diapers), breast feeding, organic food vs processed food, the toxicity in babies’ toys & clothing, and living space.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend you checking out Min Sook’s My Toxic Baby as I think you will find it insightful and enjoyable to watch.

EC support group meet in Arlene and Pete's yurtMy Toxic Baby - Pete, Arlene and their daughter Meadow in front of their yurt

My Toxic Baby Trailer

See below for four more “My Toxic Baby” clips.

Director Min Sook Lee at an EC support group meeting (Behind-the-Scenes)

By the way, check out my 2008 interview with Min Sook about her other insightful documentary Tiger Spirit about North and South Korea.


Nov 16, 2009 Update: Tiger Spirit won 2009 Gemini award (Donald Brittain award for best social/political documentary program)

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  2. Ben says:

    This is ridiculous. We need to stop panicking people about things that don’t matter.

    There is no evidence that organic food is safer than non-organic, and significant evidence that it is less safe. The molds and fungi that the pesticides protect against are more dangerous than the pesticides. There is even less evidence for organic cloth. In fact, the idea that clothing which is washed multiple times can have persticides on it is so silly that I’m amazed how people spend their money on it.

    Even the latest Bisphenol A panic had only one study backing it up. It was a study based on one breed of mice and tiny changes in their hormonal levels that have not been seen in any other study. This was the equivalent of shutting down Hershey because Fido died after eating their chocolate. Completely without scientific merit, and EVERY AGENCY IN THE WORLD that has studied BPA has found no reason to ban it.

    There are many poisonous things in the world, but we are exposed to very few in the quantities needed to cause harm. The body is a wonderful thing, with our liver and kidneys removing all that nasty stuff so that it cannot cause us harm. Unfortunately, people are so afraid of “toxins” that they lack reason. You are more likely to die of a heart attack from the stress of watching this movie than you are to die from anything mentioned so far on this page.

  3. kempton says:


    Do you have links & references to scientific studies to back your claims that you can share?

    While I am no expert in toxins, I think it is important to have actual scientific researches and studies as support before claims were made one way or another.

    Please share the scientific refereed research studies you are basing on to make the claims you did.


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