Rose Friedman Dies at 97 – Two lucky people are now together

Two lucky people are now together.” – as someone put it touchingly

I am deeply saddened to report that Rose Friedman has died of heart failure. She was 97.

Two lucky people” is one of the few books that I special ordered before it is available locally and rushed to pick up from the bookstore when it arrived. I love the way how Milton and Rose wrote the book jointly and also wrote sections individually to add their insights and observations.

In this moment of sadness, allow me to quote a section written in “Two lucky people” by Rose to counterbalance the sadness. I think it shows how lucky we are to have Rose and Milton for all these years. We could have quite a different story without the amazing luck in this story.

{ Rose } “One long stop was unplanned but not unpleasant sojourn in Banff, Canada, because of an accident we had. While I was driving from Jasper to Banff, we hit a wet spot as we came round a curve, and the car skidded and turned over. This was one of the many events that demonstrates to us that we we born under a lucky star. Our car was a convertible and seat belts had not yet been introduced. Fortunately, we had put the top up because of a rainstorm we had just driven through – which was why the road was slippery — but a convertible top is not much protection. Nevertheless, we both crawled out without a scratch though the car was badly damaged. I didn’t hear then, nor in the many years since did I ever hear, a single word of criticism from Milton. He has always said it was not my fault, it was the wet road.

As always happens with any disaster on the road, people stopped, some to see if they could help, others out of curiosity. One comment we have never forgotten: viewer after viewer remarked, “Look, the car is badly smashed, yet the eggs didn’t break!” As it happened, we had some hard-boiled eggs in our picnic basket and when the trunk of the car popped open on impact, they had rolled out. Indeed, they were not broken, only cracked!”

My heart was broken when I read how Rose felt when Milton passed away, “I’ve a lot of time but nothing else“. Looking at the beautiful cover-photo of “Two lucky people“, I know the two luck people are now finally happy together again.

My love and thoughts are with the Friedman children, David and Janet, and the extended family members.


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