Dim Sum & Money @ Ginger Beef

Dim Sum @ Ginger BeefOver the weekend, my better half and I tried the dim sum at Ginger Beef. They just had added dim sum to their lunch menu (a lot more varieties of dim sum than their usual lunch buffet.) Amongst the five things we tried, we liked this and this the most, this one is nice, and this and this less so.

Because dim sum is something new for them that they are trying out, they are also doing surveys to see what items customers like best and least, and also finding out what suggestions customers may have. So we will definitely give Ginger Beef another try as there are not many dim sum options in Calgary South and I like their attitude of trying to improve things.

Sep 2011 Update: Ginger Beef has stopped offerring dim sum in the weekends and has gone back to offerring all you can eat buffet.


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