Excellent Customer Service – Moen

After blogging about this musician’s horrible customer service experience with United Airlines, I am happy to blog about something wonderful. So let me blog about my Moen experience. Specifically,

Moen Lifetime Warranty: All Moen faucets come with a Lifetime Warranty against leaks, drips and finish defects.

Our house came with a Moen Faucet in the kitchen and it was leaking a little this last few days. I got my nice neighbour to take a look of the faucet and we finally figured that the water is probably leaking from some very tiny tiny cracks/gaps on the faucet wand.

And when I called Moen to try to find out how much is the replacement wand, I was very pleasantly surprised that Moen is going to send us a new replacement – Free of charge! This is what I call great customer service and standing behind ones products.

Thanks to the wonderful and nice Moen customer service agent Denise, I am a happy Moen fan! I know Moen is a great brand but my personal experience has turned it into a Lovemark for me! Check out their bathroom and kitchen collections here.


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