777 Run for Sight

The journey to fight blindness. A step by step account of running 7 ultramarathons [over 100 km each] in 7 continents in 7 months to raise funds for the blind and the visually impaired.

This is truly an amazing effort! Check out Norma Bastidas’ website and her blog. Read and see some photos of Norma running 100km in Antarctica in this 2009 Jan entry!

Here is a bit of information about Norma from her site,

“Norma Bastidas is a self-supported ultramarathon runner, a woman out to make history, and a single mom on a mission. Born in Mazatlan, Mexico, Norma has been living in Canada since 1993 and currently resides in Calgary with her two sons, Karl and Hans.

The self-described “Mexican running wild” is about to embark on a grueling, record setting journey in support of Operation Eyesight Universal, cnib and Foundation Fighting Blindness

Starting in January 2009, Norma will set out to be the second person in history to run seven of the planet’s most unforgiving environments on seven separate continents in one year. Norma will be running through the thick jungles of Brazil and the driest deserts in the world all in support of the blind and visually impaired.

Although this journey will take her around the world, the cause is something that hits home for Norma. Two years ago, Norma’s oldest son Karl, now 13, was diagnosed with Cone Rod Dystrophy, a progressive condition with no cure.”

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