Battlestar Galactica Ron Moore interview – 2009 Banff

I attended a great master class with Ron Moore, Battlestar Galactica writer & executive producer, at 2009 Banff World TV Festival. The following is my one-on-one interview with Ron after the master class talking about,

  • influence of the original BSG series and the style of the show
  • how the actors/actresses affect the writing of their characters?
  • the extensive use of the f-word (frak) in BSG
  • implications of discussing of politics, religion, and even abortion in the show
  • selection of the characters for the “final five”
  • are there aspects of Ron and his life in the characters?
  • what are some of the challenges in writing the new series Caprica?

3 Responses to Battlestar Galactica Ron Moore interview – 2009 Banff

  1. wanni says:

    I LOVE Battlestar Galactica! :)

  2. kempton says:

    Hope you enjoyed my interview with Ron.

    I am a big fan of the show too. I think Ron and his team has done such a great job.

  3. […] tell his chair story and how he broke into TV was priceless. And I had a ton of fun interviewing Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica) and attending Doug Ellin (Entourage) insightful chat. Plus even doing some legislative reporting […]

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