Unwanted Soldiers (衛國無門) – Great NFB doc

Last night I watched a wonderful NFB doc call Unwanted Soldiers(衛國無門).

Highly recommended, (Free on the internet)

“This documentary tells the personal story of filmmaker Jari Osborne’s father, a Chinese-Canadian veteran. She describes her father’s involvement in World War II and uncovers a legacy of discrimination and racism against British Columbia’s Chinese-Canadian community. Sworn to secrecy for decades, Osborne’s father and his war buddies now vividly recall their top-secret missions behind enemy lines in Southeast Asia. Theirs is a tale of young men proudly fighting for a country that had mistreated them. This film does more than reveal an important period in Canadian history. It pays moving tribute to a father’s quiet heroism.”

這部紀錄片講述了導演Jari Osborne的父親,一名加拿大華裔老兵的故事。Jari描述她的父親參與第二次世界大戰和發現British Columbia省的華人社區面對的種族歧視。發誓保密幾十年來,Jari的父親和他的戰地朋友生動地回憶起他們絕密的東南亞敵後任務。


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