Do you know Margaret Hilda Roberts?

British politician Margaret Thatcher in 1970
Guardian tries again to answer the question,

Who is Margaret Hilda Roberts (Margaret Thatcher)?

2 Responses to Do you know Margaret Hilda Roberts?

  1. Haricot says:

    Yes, I remember seeing a satire poster entitled “Gone with the Wind” featuring Prez Reagan (affectionately known as Mr. Warhead by peaceniks) holding PM Thatcher in his arms while the White House was burning in the background. I always wonder whether the Kremlin liked that “movie” during the cold war years.

  2. kempton says:


    That satire poster sounds funny. We need satirists, cartoonists, comedians to tell us an aspect often lost or not reported in the headline news. Witness Jon Stewart, when his “funny news” was more insightful than the kind of “news” from “White House Press Core”, then we know the press was collectively sick.

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