2008 Canadian Parliamentary Crisis – Auld Lang Syne

As a bipartisan equal opportunity governments critic, I’ve added my voices in reminding both the former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Conservative PM Stephen Harper the perils of “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely“.

While The Right Honourables Jean and Stephen have both done things, in my humble opinion, that were wrong-headed and have hurt the national interest of Canada, I am deeply disturbed and saddened to see Stephen hurting Canada and dividing Canadians to save his own political fortune. Has clinging on to power become so important for Stephen that “nuclear options” of pitting Canadians against each others (Westerners against Ontarians & Quebecers, Quebecers against non-Quebecers, etc) and making Canadians hating each others have become preferred political tools? While president-elect Obama is working hard to break the walls between Red States and Blue Sates, why are we Canadians so busy in finding ways to hate and despise our fellow Canadians?

While we don’t have this Scottish historical occasion to prompt parliamentarians to join hands and sing Auld Lang Syne in unison, we must aspire to have Canadian parliament functions better and work in the interests of Canada in 2009 (irrespective of their party affiliations and personal political ambitions), the survival and thriving of our democracy depends on it.

I expect more from my parliament. Mr. Harper, as Prime Minister of Canada, I expect more from you. And Stephen, perhaps more importantly, I expect more from you, my Member of Parliament in Calgary South West (I see your office every time I go to my local Safeway).

Hope you will all enjoy this beautiful rendition of Auld Lang Syne at Scottish Parliament. And I hope Canadians and our parliamentarians remember how proud we all are to be Canadians when we hear O Canada.

Watch this longer full version of the above video if you prefer.

P.S. I had some good words to say when Jean retired. And I am sure I have some for Stephen when it is his retirement comes. (only time will tell how soon)

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