Minh Ngo @ Memory Express

It was my great pleasure to interview Minh Ngo, co-founder of Memory Express, a Calgary company known for its affordably priced computer products and good service, to learn about how he and his partners build their company from nothing to the six stores across three cities with 180 employees.

It is a wonderful story of success and not to be missed by entrepreneurs who aspire to start their own businesses one day.


Dec 28, 2008 Update: Here is my full and detailed blog entry (with interview video clips) “Exploring the successful Memory Express – Chat with co-founder Minh Ngo“.


2 Responses to Minh Ngo @ Memory Express

  1. be great if the business didn’t try to rip off its customers. The computer i bought was supposed to be upgradeable – at time of purchase the ram was abt. $50 cad. annual warranty visits for cleaning etc., but i wasn’t able to afford ram for a couple of years. Then staff told me there IS no room for more ram. after investigating further, an ME salesperson emailed me back that yes there is ram, but now it costs $350. Still under warranty. lied to and ripped off by Minh Ngo’s ‘wonderful entrepreneurship’. slippin’, i would say

    • kempton says:

      Sorry to hear about your bad experiences at Memory Express. For the years I have been their customer, they have always been helpful and tried their best. I don’t know about your machine or case so I can’t & shouldn’t comment. But when I buy stuff from them, their prices are pretty good. And when things don’t work as in one of the recent HD I bought, as long as I had the receipt, they were great in giving me full refund.

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