Integrity of CBC News ? – Termination of Don Murray & Patrick Brown (Part 2)

As a follow up to my last post questioning the integrity of CBC News and CBC re the termination of CBC correspondents Don Murray & Patrick Brown, here is an excerpt (emphasis added) from a letter signed by a long list of CBC reporters (see end note) to Hubert T. Lacroix, CBC President,


While we realize CBC is facing budgetary pressures, and that resources are increasingly precious, we do not understand the decision of senior management to cashier Don Murray and Patrick Brown.

First, it is clear they both received a long-term commitment from CBC when they relinquished staff status and signed their contracts. It is not reassuring to see CBC renege on that commitment after just a few years. [K: See letter from Tony Burman, former CBC News Editor-in-chief]

But even more dismaying, our reporting bench loses a lot of heft without them. There is no way around that fact. These are journalists who in many ways defined foreign reporting at CBC in the past few decades. Some of us grew up watching them. And we remind you they are among the very few who have risen to the task of serving both English- and French-speaking audiences, something you have said must continue.

Here is a link to the reply from Hubert T. Lacroix, CBC President and CEO, which I am not convinced at all of its reasoning.

As President and CEO of CBC, Mr. Hubert T. Lacroix can still reverse this mistake. But as time goes by, I don’t know if I can trust the integrity of CBC News and CBC any more.


The following are the names of the reporters that signed the letter,

Adrienne Arsenault, CBC TV News
Nahlah Ayed, CBC TV News
Peter Armstrong, CBC TV
Keith Boag, CBC TV
Susan Bonner, CBC TV
Michael Colton, CBC Radio
David Common, CBC TV
Michel Cormier, Radio Canada
Margaret Evans, CBC Radio
Celine Galipeau, Radio Canada
Guy Gendron, Radio Canada
Anthony Germaine, CBC Radio
David Halton, CBC TV (Retired)
Jean-Francois Lepine, Radio Canada
Neil Macdonald, CBC TV
Rick MacInnes Rae, CBC Radio
Peter Mansbridge, CBC TV
David McGuffin, CBC TV News
Terry Milewski, CBC TV
Joyce Napier, Radio Canada
Raymond Saint Pierre, Radio Canada
Joe Schlesinger, CBC TV
Alison Smith, CBC TV
Brian Stewart, CBC TV
Connie Watson, CBC Radio
Jennifer Westaway, CBC Radio

One Response to Integrity of CBC News ? – Termination of Don Murray & Patrick Brown (Part 2)

  1. Valerie Spentzos says:

    Re the firing of Don Murray and Patrick Brown. I will not be watching CBC – TV any more.

    Valerie Spentzos (long-time viewer).

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