Little Red Brick House – A Work of Art

It was fun and exciting to see my blog friends Laura moving into her new place and Ming building his beautiful house. So I am quite excited when it is my better half and my turn to move and finally slowly settling into our own little place.

The house was built at a time when solid wood, instead of particle board, were used (for framing and flooring) to build home. And Art, the previous owner, has given the house some real wonderful care and upgrades that we just love and adore. The kitchen is a beauty to cook in. And we are happy that we finally have one of those glass-ceramic stove top that is fast to cook and easy to clean. We now have so many drawers and cabinets (all in beautiful washed oak) to store our cooking utensils. For the moment, we are re-arranging our things to find the most comfortable and convenient places to store them.

The maple hardwood flooring was nailed onto the solid wooden sub-floor one piece at a time by Art. Even the dishwasher is a lovely Bosch which we are very happy with its quietness and efficiency. And the garages provide lots of room to park cars, store things, and even turning it into my own entrepreneurial garage one day. (big smile)

With a beautiful garden, a nice fish pond, strong and durable red bricks walls, and the nice feeling when we are in the house, both my better half and I thought of the Disney version of The Three Little Pigs when we decided this house is the one for us. (big smile)

So we do feel the little red brick house, built by the wonderfully nice Art, is indeed “A Work of Art” for us. And the house has truly become part of our little fairy tale home with a happy and promising future.

Thanks a lot for sharing our happiness. (smile) Have fun watching the Disney version of The Three Little Pigs.

8 Responses to Little Red Brick House – A Work of Art

  1. Crazie says:

    Oh, you guys are moving?! Cool.

  2. kempton says:

    Yeah, we’ve moved and are enjoying our new place. :)

  3. ming says:

    hey, congratulation! Awaiting to see more photos of your garden :)

  4. kempton says:

    Thanks Ming. I can’t wait to see when all the flowers come out too.

  5. sanya says:

    pool part is the best pert i like its really beautiful

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  7. Janice Pecolia Vinson says:

    Hi,I like your little red brick house,the house keeps you very in the wintertime. Beccause it is built very well, and I drew a red brick house that saw in a dream not to long ago.
    [comment edited]

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