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I am not a regular traveler in the Dominion of Digital Democracy. The last ten months has truly been a tortuous journey for me to try to hold the Harper government accountable for for the Unfair Copyright Bill and I have posted YouTube videos and written & videoed extensively in this blog.

My journey started when I helped organized the first Fair Copyright for Canada rally in Calgary in December 2007. And I also helped founded a Calgary Chapter. Here is a CFCN TV report of the Dec 2007 rally.

In hindsight, we now know the government did not want to talk BEFORE the bill was tabled. And the government still did not want to talk AFTER the bill was tabled. Minister Prentice was simply playing a political game of delay.

To understand a little more of my tortuous journey and how I came to the conclusion of voting ABC (Anything But Conservative). Please take a look of my report (with video links) documenting my 10 months in trying to hold minister Jim Prentice accountable.

From my reports, I hope you will see a concerned Canadian’s long journey to try to hold his government accountable but failed spectacularly. I failed to get the government to listen to our concerns more than paying lip service. And I failed to get Minister Prentice to come out to say he will consult with Canadians, something simple and fundamental in a democracy.

Here is me trying to get minister Prentice to say he will “consult with Canadians” (YouTube part 1)

Here is part 2

In the last ten months, I encountered a Conservative Harper government that

  • listened to US lobby groups and US ambassador
  • but unwilling to listen to Canadian citizens
  • stone walled Canadians for as long as it could, delaying any discussion until the bill was tabled,
  • and then, after delaying tabling of the bill for six months, still came up with a poorly drafted bill full of problems
  • with a tabled bill, still refused to talk or consult with Canadians that have legitimate and concrete critiques of the bill

Jim Prentice is a nice man, good father, good husband but his flawed copyright policy and unwillingness to agree to something as simple and basic as “consult with Canadians” makes him a horrible minister and politician. He should be defeated.

If Prentice doesn’t listen, or serves in a government that doesn’t let me speak his mind, then it is indicative of the Conservative Harper government’s desire to run everything from the PMO. Therefore we must elect a different government.

It is difficult to oppose a government in power.

It is difficult to oppose a government when your MP is the PM.

But like Senator Laine Hanson said in the drama “The Contender”, “Principles only mean something when you stick to them when its inconvenient.

Well, trust me, it is “inconvenient” to be in the opposition when your MP is the PM.

Please visit Anything But Conservative.

And vote ABC (Anything But Conservative).

Vote ABC.


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