Lost of Confidence in all Chinese food over poisoned milk scandal

With the widening Chinese poisoned milk scandal (CBC report with video), I have completely lost confidence in all made in China food and beverages. You see, my better half and I have long (over a few years now) avoided made-in-China food stuff if we can find substitutes (e.g. buying more expensive make-in-Hong-Kong or made-in-Japan food ingredients instead). We had still bought some made-in-China stuff, but no more. We have decided to stop buying Chinese packaged food or ingredients.

We will avoid these products because Chinese business people are too willing to make money by all means (legal and illegal), including adding poisonous ingredients to trick a quality control test knowing the final product will be poisonous to even babies !!!

I am sure one day China will be able to turn around its food safety and quality control process, and will make its food safe for Chinese and people from around the world to consume. Until then, our household will no longer buy any made-in-China food stuff. (Note: Food product that are made-in-Hong-Kong should still be mostly safe to consume due to a more solid justice systems and freedom of press.)

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  1. Rabit says:

    “I have completely lost confidence in all made in China food and beverages”

    We NEVER had any confidence in “Made In China” products or their government(s). We try to AVOID “Made In China” products. We would pay little more and buy products from domestic producers or other counties. I still remember Korean article indicating the Chinese sold seafood with LEAD pieces inside the crabs to make them weight more. How do they sleep at night???

    You Chinese should be shamed. This type of scandals will continue, unless you understand the difference between right and wrong. Or leave the Earth.

    We’ll continue buying products from others regardless your progress, if any…

  2. kempton says:

    Thanks for your comment.

    I think many Chinese (even those were not involved in the selling or making of these bad products) feel really bad about what happened.

    China has lots of cleaning up to do but “NEVER” is a long time. For me, I hope the Chinese government and producers will come up with some solutions. At the moment, even Chinese in mainland China have lost faith in their own food system.

    In this moment of dark hours, I don’t see it beneficial to look upon the Chinese producers as hopeless to change. Your statement of “… regardless your progress …” indicates a much deeper degree of prejudice than I am willing to sink into.

    I have hope in Chinese (or any people on this earth) to make changes for the better. It is my outlook on humanity. I choose to see hope in the future when there seemed to be only darkness at the moment.

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