Canada Votes: little me vs. DAVID – Re-elect Jim Prentice Campaign Manager

I like and respect David Higginbottom, Campaign Manager to re-elect Jim Prentice in the Calgary Centre-North riding. Since many problems were found in the copyright bill as Jim introduced it in June during the last parliament, I am concerned enough to wake up at 6:30am in some mornings & stay up till pass 2am in some nights to work hard to hold Jim accountable. And since Stephen Harper is my MP (and Canada’s Prime Minister), Stephen is going to hear from the concerned Canadians as well.

David, you are a professional. And I am trying my best to fake being one. Anyway, here is a YouTube clip from the movie “Heat” which I love. I will let you pick the Al Pacino or the Robert De Niro role to play.

P.S. There are good and bad guys in the movie. In real live now, I think we are good guys trying to do some good. For me, it is just that your candidate has been quite wrong in the Copyright front. :)

For more information, see Fair Copyright for Canada page.


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