Canada Votes: Can 61 Seconds of Silence change anything?

After months of effort by Canadians across the country (over 92,000 members) (including over 650 Calgarians) voicing our concerns about the copyright amendment, the Stephen Harper lead Government of Canada simply refused to listen.

I think it is time to try something different. If Stephen doesn’t hear our reasoned concerns, will he hear the rage and anger in our collective silence? Thus my question of “Can 61 Seconds of Silence change anything?

I hope concerned Canadians are willing to take 61 seconds out of their lives to shoot a simple “61 Seconds of Silence” video. Simply standing right in front of,

  1. your own Member of Parliament’s office (regardless which party she/he belongs to), or
  2. your MP’s re-election sign

You can create and print your own signs or you can use this one: Bill C-61 Makes Everyone Copyright Criminal (PDF file).

So others can clearly hear our collective voices, please post your video to YouTube in this format,

61 Seconds of Silence – Stephen Harper M.P. makes us Copyright Criminals

Note: replace “Stephen Harper” with your own MP’s name. Please use with the following tags

61SecondsOfSilence 2008 Canada Election <Name-of-your-MP>

Here is my YouTube “61 Seconds of Silence” protest video. (a much better video here and another video here)

It represents 61 seconds of my life.

It represents my one vote.

P.S. In case you wonder, yes, my M.P. is Stephen Harper !

P.P.S. If Stephen suddenly wants to listen, here are 61 ways to reform C-61 (the former Copyright amendment).


Sept 18, 2008 Updates:

  1. Canada Votes: Can I be lazy? :) A message to David Higginbottom, Re-elect Jim Prentice Campaign Manager – Trying to get some help from David and Jim.
  2. Canada Votes: Can 61 Seconds of Silence change anything? – Part 2 – Making the videos much clearer.

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