45 R.P.M. – Chat with David Schultz – 2008 CIFF

In 2006, my emerging producer class teacher Nancy Laing invited David Schultz to guest lecture and share with us his insights in making films. So it was my great pleasure to watch and review writer/director David‘s latest film 45 R.P.M. (see telefilm info) and chatted with him yesterday morning.

In 45 R.P.M., the two young leads (Jordan Gavaris playing Parry and Justine Banszky playing Luke) did amazing work like pros even they had never acted before. And the pros (Kim Coates playing the cop, Michael Madsen playing Major Baxter, August Schellenberg playing Peter Geroge, and Amanda Plummer playing Luke’s mom) were just amazing to watch as they all live and breath the air of this 1960 period “coming of age” film effortlessly. And the old songs, clothings, and set decorations from the time period also help us feeling we have traveled back in time to 1960.

Here is my extensive (~50 minutes), insightful, and probing audio chat with Dave (mp3 file). [Warning: This wonderful interview contains some spoilers.] You can also stream the audio interview here.

I really enjoyed the film and highly recommend you check out this film. Screening time of the film is available from 2008 Calgary International Film Festival here.

Here is a synopsis of the film (note: minor edits were made to remove spoiler info),

Goose Lake isn’t much of a town; about 200 folks and 700 miles north of nowhere which, to the satisfaction of the U.S. Air Force, makes it just south of the DEW line, a continent-wide chain of early warning radar stations built across Canada’s Arctic during the paranoia of the Cold War.

Parry Tender, 15, wants more from the town than he already has: an old Cree grandfather and his friend, [Luke …]. So, when a fluke atmospheric condition allows a Manhattan radio station to reach the north and announce a contest to visit New York, Parry and Luke think they’ve found their ticket out. But the arrival of the pretty daughter of an air force colonel turns the spring of 1958 into one of love, loss and rock’n’roll.

Also check out this 2007 Star Phoenix article for more info about the making of the film.

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