Confession of a ParkPlus addict – A Parking Meter that puts money back in your pocket

ParkPlus System

ParkPlus System

In my August Reimagining the Wheels article, I blogged in detail (including detailed video interviews) about the ParkPlus System.

Now, after only one use of the mobile phone ParkPlus a few weeks ago, I am officially a ParkPlus addict! It takes like 30 seconds or less to activate a parking session. And then when I finished my meeting early, I simply called the system and it automatically credited me the unused time (for $4.95 that day)! So cool!

In the old days, I probably would have put in the money for the full maximum two hours and then there is simply no way to get the money back for unused time. But now, mobile ParkPlus puts the money back into my account. Very nice, thank you very much!

P.S. Thanks a lot to ParkPlus’ Shelley for setting up a trial account for me.

P.P.S. Just found that there are Chinese instructions (together with English) in the Chinatown ParkPlus machines. Really nice. Good job.


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