Chatting with Tony Lacavera, CEO of Globalive

Dec 14, 2009 Update: You can read and listen to my latest interview with Tony Lacavera, “Globalive Chairman Tony Lacavera interview (after government overturned CRTC decision)


I was impressed with Globalive‘s PR team in getting in touch with me very promptly after I posted a request yesterday to express my wishes to interview Tony Lacavera, CEO of Globalive (on Twitter, Facebook, and the blog entry “Searching for Tony Lacavera“). As a result of their prompt response, I was able to chat, late this afternoon, with Tony to ask him a few questions about,

  1. (I blogged about the top 6 recurring themes here),
  2. the wireless auction,
  3. the Telus/Shaw/Rogers’s challenge with respect to Globalive’s foreign ownership level, and
  4. the 2009 second quarter beta testing/testers.

Here is my audio interview with Tony (mp3 file). You can also stream the audio interview here.

Because of time limitation, I held back a few follow up questions and didn’t follow up on a few questions (e.g. if Tony knew the undesirableness of some of the top 6 recurring themes, and had planned to do away with them already, like the hated System Access/Hidden Fees).

I look forward to chatting some more with Tony in the future. And I would love to be a beta tester of Globalive’s services when it become ready in second quarter of 2009.

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  2. Corby says:

    It is refreshing to see a Canadian CEO willing to take time to ensure that interviews are granted to both the mass media as well as the grassroots media. Congrats.

  3. kempton says:


    You are very right. And I think Tony makes it clear that he is operating Globalive’s wireless business in a very different manner. It is not the “business as usual” for them.

    Thanks for your kind words and I hope you enjoyed the interview.


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