A Necessary Death – Chat with Filmmaker GJ Echternkamp


I first got to know G.J. Echternkamp a little from his really interesting documentary “Frank & Cindy” (a doc about his parents. OK, the doc is lot more interesting than it sounds). So when I learned that “A Necessary Death“, a film produced by GJ is coming to Calgary, I jump on the chance to review it first and then interview GJ over the phone.

And I am impressed with what this 2008 SXSW film festival screened film is trying to achieve. I don’t want to give too much about the film away, and I have a great chat with GJ. Understanding that to have a proper review/discussion about “A Necessary Death“, some spoiler-type information has to be discussed, so I basically left all these “fun” but very spoiler information at the end of my 30+ minutes audio chat with GJ (mp3 file). You can also stream the audio interview here.

Check out the film festival site for the film’s 2008 Calgary International Film Festival screening dates and time.

Here is a trailer of “A Necessary Death” (warning: content may seem shocking to some).

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