Vote for Long Hair

If you are eligible to vote in the Sept 7th, 2008 Hong Kong Legislative Council (LEGCO) election (New Territories East), I encourage you to vote for Long Hair (Leung Kwok-Hung 梁國雄). See my friend Daisann’s blog entry for her insightful analysis.

It felt like yesterday (when in fact it was 2004-2005) that I made my documentary – Long Hair Revolution in the beginning of Long Hair’s LEGCO term. The doc is 71 minutes long. Enjoy.

P.S. Daisann, good for you!!! Seeing what you see in HK, and being a closed observer of Long Hair’s work and what he tries to achieve, it is easy to see how you become an “unabashed partisan”. And it is good for Hong Kong to have you has a friend and supporter. Good luck to Long Hair and you all.

P.P.S. During a recent dim sum with Mr. Li Yee (李怡) (one half of Apple Daily’s editorial team) and a group of friends, the discussion turned to the LEGCO election and Long Hair’s chance. I hope Mr. Li’s hunch is correct and Long Hair will be re-elected as I agree with you that HK needs a Long Hair in LEGCO.

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