The Mike Wallace Interviews

I accidentally discovered a gold mine of wonderful Mike Wallace Interviews during my research for this Frank Lloyd Wright entry.

Here is a link to The Mike Wallace Interviews from the Harry Ransom Centrer, (University of Texas at Austin) archives and a list of interviews that I have enjoyed and looking forward to enjoy. (note the above main page has links to the transcripts of these interviews)

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright – great interview
  2. Salvador Dali – very interesting and strange. If you listen closely, you may find few tidbits of insights.
  3. Eleanor Roosevelt
  4. Kirk Douglas – a really candid and good interview
  5. Nobel Prize Winners (Pauling, Buck, Pickett, Orr) talk about peace in a world threatened by war

P.S. Please note that cigarette smoking kills you with lung cancer. Oh, those were the days that Mike keep yapping for his cigarette sponsor.

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