Beijing Olympic opening ceremony: Child singers

Child singer revealed as fake

Olympics: Child singer revealed as fake

A closer look by Guardian (emphasis added),

When nine-year-old Lin Miaoke launched into Ode to the Motherland at the Olympic opening ceremony, she became an instant star. […]

But now it emerges that Lin lent someone else’s voice, following high-level discussions – which included a member of the Politburo – on the relative photogenicity of small children.

The recording to which Lin mouthed along on Friday was by the even younger Yang Peiyi. It seems that Yang’s uneven teeth, while unremarkable in a seven-year-old, were considered potentially damaging to China’s international image.

“This is in the national interest. It is the image of our national music, national culture. […]” Chen Qigang, the event’s general music designer, explained to a Beijing radio station. […]

Not everyone has reacted so calmly. “Adults may lie, but leave the kids out of it,” one angry internet user wrote.

More on this and other issues (digitally “enhanced” fireworks) reported by  CNN (with video), CBC (with video), LA Times (with video), and Washington Post.

In the pursuit of excellence by faking things, authenticity may be too high a price to pay.


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