Save the Calgary Farmers’ Market

Me and my better half have been enjoying the Calgary Farmers’ Market for a few years now. So I was quite saddened to hear the Market is “in danger of closing in October of 2009, due to the Currie Barracks land being redeveloped into residential and commercial space by Canada Lands Company.

Thinking of what I can do to help, I immediately think of taking some pictures and shooting some videos of the Calgary Farmers’ Market to tell a story. Thanks goes to Bob @ Simple Simon Pies, Margarita @ Margarita’s Dishes, and Wanda @ Wanda’s Fine Baking & Snack Shack for chatting with me.

The merchants are looking for a win-win solution with the Canada Lands Company (a federal Crown corporation that is governed by this board of directors). As someone who appreciates the power of free market and creative & constructive win-win negotiations (utilizing insights form the book Co-opetition by Brandenburger and Nalebuff which I reviewed here), I hope a satisfactory solution can be arrived that lets the merchants stay and the CLC (thus the Canadian public) compensated fairly.

Special thanks go to Matt Chittick (tenor. Please send him a thank you note at if you like.) and Aileen (soprano) for their beautiful renditions of “Danny Boy“. Matt’s rendition was recorded live at the market with all the sound and liveliness of the market. Aileen’s rendition was recorded at a quieter “studio” (aka my computer room) to create the added haunting emotions of the song “Danny Boy” may evoke.

If you live in Calgary and love the Calgary Farmers’ Market, please join the Save the Calgary Framers’ Market Facebook group to try to help.

Hope you enjoy the following YouTube video. (Or you can check out the different sizes of the streaming videos here including the 640×480 resolution.)


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