Billabong short named after me? U Got To Be Kidding!

BILLABONG Kempton Mens ShortsBILLABONG Kempton Mens Shorts in Coffee

Lisa, my dear friend/insider at Swimco and former MBA classmate, just told me that Billabong has a new short named after me – Kempton Walkshort !

What an interesting feeling to have a short named after me! Now, the coffee coloured one on the right actually looks nice. OK, I admit while it is interesting to see my name being part of a walkshort brand, I will probably be more thrilled and excited to see my name branded with one of these. (big smile)

On a more serious note, Billabong is a really cool design and branding powerhouse, very well deserved to be called a Lovemark (instead of a just a “brand”).

Ah, sometimes fame comes from the most random and strangest place! (big smile)

P.S. Lisa, so next time you talk to a Billabong rep, can you ask them how did they pick names like “Hooligan” or “U Got To Be Kidding” for boardshorts? “Kempton” and “Elton“, etc. for walkshorts? And “Drama Queen” and “Heart Break Hotel“, etc for bikinis?


One Response to Billabong short named after me? U Got To Be Kidding!

  1. Lisa says:


    It is after much thorough research and millions of dollars spent, that brands come up with great names like the KEMPTON walkshort! Or, maybe its after a great day of surfing in the sea that they come up with such creative names…. we’ll never really know but we do know that naming one after you was one of their best ideas yet!

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