China’s Sweetheart Guo Jingjing (郭晶晶) – 2008 Beijing Olympics

If you want to put a smile or touch the heart of a Chinese man or woman, just share with him/her that you really like Guo Jingjing‘s (郭晶晶) diving.

Just look at Guo Jingjing and her teammate Wu Minxia‘s golden performance in their women’s 3-metre synchronized springboard event and you have to admire their beautiful performance. Enjoy.

P.S. Although there is a key difference in mindset (China is not “enemy”) but learning about diving and Jingjing is as important as Nelson Mandela learning about rugby and Afrikaans (lesson #4) in his “8 Lessons of Leadership“.

First Dive (郭晶晶 吴敏霞 女子三米板决赛 第一跳)

2nd Dive (郭晶晶 吴敏霞 女子三米板决赛 第二跳)

3rd Dive (郭晶晶 吴敏霞 女子三米板决赛 第三跳)

4th Dive (第四跳)

5th Dive (第五跳)

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